Partner with Haulage

Haulage is an insured web-based service platform providing the most innovative solutions to last-mile, inventory transfer and midstream supply chain needs. We recruit, train, and mobilize local pickup truck and cargo trailer capacity to deliver on your varied needs in the regional supply chain fulfillment space. 

Our thorough onboarding process employs standards for the vehicle, trailer and drivers driving record and background through our GoodHire partner.

We are able to evaluate and install unique, custom built delivery services to your specific operational needs. Through the discovery stage of our partnership an S.O.P. will be developed to train and to execute your delivery and customer service needs. 

One major benefit of partnering with Haulage is that we provide an easy to use web based platform to schedule their pickup and/or delivery needs. Our Customers only have to enter the order for delivery or move the delivery ordering process to the customer to arrange and pay for the order themselves via our online platform.

Contact us today to open dialog on partnering with the most innovative solution to regional delivery for appliances, furniture, and other larger items that require a pickup truck or cargo trailer for delivery.


Have Any Questions?

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